Pot Luck S2

Pot Luck S2 18


The weekly dinners have been cancelled but that doesn't stop the Pot Luck fun from flowing as Debs, Beth and Mel navigate the highs and lows of life, love, and maintaining their friendships with some new personalities in the mix. After years flying solo, Debs is working out how to trust in a relationship again, Beth is wrapped up in her romance with Anna while her Mum Eileen's health is deteriorating fast, and Mel is left wondering what to do when her friends have moved on without her. Best Ensemble Cast 2018 NZ Webfest; 10 Merit Awards at Rome Web Awards 2017 (Including Best LGBT, Best Writer LGBT, Best Director LGBT, Best Editor LGBT, Best Actress Nikki Si'Ulepa), 3 Excellence Awards Rome Web Awards 2017 (including Best LGBT)


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