Amaury Dequé

Amaury Dequé

Amaury Dequé is a director and author.

In 2014, he co-wrote and co-directed the short film " A. Friend" which will have a great life in festival, with about twenty international selections and five awards.

In 2015, he joins the team of directors of the Golden Moustache Lab, with whom he directs a dozen sketches. At the same time, he made his breakthrough in advertising by directing several commercials for brands such as Azzaro, Allianz and V and B, with the company Axolotl Créations.

In 2018, he directed a music video for the pianist Dexter Goldberg, produced by the label Jazz&people, then he started working with Eléonore Costes. After a successful pilot of the series " Genre humaine ", they decide to continue the adventure by directing a whole season with the production " La dame de coeur ".

In 2019, he co-wrote and directed the short film " Karaoké Club " for Léopold Lemarchand's channel called " Le pérave ", produced by Webedia.

He is currently co-writing two feature films, "La solitude du poisson rouge" and "Demain les jours diminuent".

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