Dee Tails

Dee Tails

Dee Tails is a rising British trained actor who got his start in an RnB Band called MN8 signed to Columbia Records topping the U.K/E.U charts in the 90's, and were also added to the Bad Boys movie soundtrack. They were soon requested by Janet Jackson to join her on her 1995 European tour, while having several tours of their own as Britain's Biggest All Male Black boy band of the 90's.

Soon after the huge success of band Dee found himself finally on the West End Stage performing in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Romeo And Juliet. He was also booked to reprise such roles as The Genie Of The Lamp and Dick Whittington's Cat Tommy, in Christmas Theatre Pantomime productions for the Hiss and Boo Company, as his first creature.

After landing an exclusive 2011, Nescafé commercial in Cape Town, S. Africa. Dee went on to perform in his first feature film 2015's Art Ache a low budget film where he plays a wing man/best friend role to the lead, creating the humor in those scenes and in less than a year after acting in that film found himself head hunted by Neal Scanlon's CFX Department for an extremely secret 2015, Disney and Lucasfilm project, that went on to become Star Wars The Force Awakens directed by J.J Abrams.

Immediately following this Dee was then tracked down by ITV who were interested in him performing on their 2015's big budget new show Jekyll and Hyde, as the reoccurring Harbinger (half man half dog creature) The show ran for one season but in that time his character proved to be a keeper and great for exposition.

But Disney and Lucasfilm weren't quite finished with Dee just yet. It was while performing on the set of The Force Awakens and in between takes that caught the attention of both Neal and J.J realizing that they had access to an actor who could perform through whatever suit they threw at him. Which caused them to not only cast him in 2016's Rogue One as L1 where he was originally going to play the main droid K2so (until further development required a bigger name) but then going on to cast him in supporting roles in 2017's The Last Jedi as Slowen Lo and ultimately 2018's Solo, playing his biggest role to date within Star Wars as Quay Tolsite.

In 2018 even one of the biggest Games in the world requested Dee to step in and cover a performance of its biggest character Cayde-6 in Destiny 2 Forsaken landing him his first ever gaming performance courtesy of Bungie.

It's very clear to see that this versatile up and coming actor is one to watch for, as validated by some of the biggest studios in the world of entertainment and would be a huge asset to any production.

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